We have made a commitment to never stop getting better

We are coffee lovers plain and simple. Just like you, we need a great cup of coffee to start our day, pass the time or for that afternoon boost

Whether you come in to relax or to work (we know the coffee shop is the new home office!), you can enjoy our free wi-fi 

Everyman Espresso exists to make delicious coffee and share it with people. 

We love coffee and hospitality.

The Commonplace was born out of a desire to love coffee and love people: We fell in love with coffee as much as we loved serving it to people. We see coffee as a way to build community; as such, we see The Commonplace as a community builder – a way to care for people through making beautiful coffees in neighborhood spaces.

from day one we aimed to create a bright, lively environment that went beyond our small walls. we love food. we love coffee. we love music. our ingredients mostly organic and seasonal. our coffee is roasted with enthusiasm.  and everyday our shop radiates the vibrancy of the music that inspired our name.

Serving coffee is what we do, but creating relationships is why we do it. While we can’t claim to be perfect, we strive to be the best that we can be in our craft, all the while establishing an environment where others can also work towards perfecting their own craft. Our cafes serve as a common ground for much of Amarillo, setting the stage for new ideas and relationships. We believe that local is better and are committed to the greater community outside our doors, taking large efforts to give back as much as we canT.